Personal Branding involves finding your uniqueness. Lovely Pictures Studio could help reaching out your professional goals by designing a shooting that describes what you want to be known for. Sarah from Sarah Harmon Wellness performing a workshop (photo above).

Christmas Time is my favorite season of the year! Lovely Pictures Studio partnered with CouCou Boston and Tadpole to offer a mini photo session wiht Santa Claus. Please join the newsletter in the Contact section to receive more info by December.

Don't miss out the opportunity to learn and experience the petting zoo (goats, sheeps, pigs, cos, bunnies, and chickens) and to try local and fresh vegetables and fruits. Lovely Pictures Studio holds Easter Mini Session in April at Chip-In farm in Bedford, MA.

In 2020 Lovely Pictures Studio was featured in social media joining the Front Steps Project initiative. The main goal was to bring back some light into everyone's lives as we qurarantined at home during a very diffficult time. It was very rewarding!

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